About 'Break A Brick'

Look what the cat's dragged in! The totally evil colorful bricks are invading peaceful Catverse.
Don't trust their cuteness and help Rescue-Cat to prevent a catastrophe. This action puzzler is all about dexterity, savvy, many fancy graphics and a marvelous soundtrack - it's catlicious!

Break A Brick is a dexterity and strategy based puzzle-shooter. Pull the evil Bricks into Rescue-Cat's spaceship and shoot them against the others to destroy every single Brick on the screen! Match the right colors, hurry up to earn combo points and go for the highscore.

Get all Catcoins and unlock new galaxies, game modes and more.

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You can download the complete soundtrack of 'Break A Brick' here.

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A noble knightess of Catverse and loyal to the court of King Cat. Found as an abandoned kitten on a border planet to Brickverse, she was raised and trained by Little Lord Bricky as a secret weapon against the impending invasion of the renegade Bricks.

Little Lord Bricky

Outcast King from Brickverse. Warned Rescue-Cat against the upcoming invasion. Now supporter of the royal family of Catverse.

Bricktator Nugget

New ruler of Brickverse. Overthrew Little Lord Bricky from the thrown and took his power. No Cat has ever seen him.

The Brick Army

Color Bricks

The most common type of all Bricks. Just shoot 'em with their same colored comrades.

Rainbow Bricks

Made out of gems from the abyssal depth of the Brickverse. They can destroy almost any other type of Bricks.

Shift Bricks

Tricky ones! After a certain amount of time they change their color.

Force Bricks

These Bricks know no fear. They bear the essence of the universe's inception within themselves.

Blast Bricks

Careful! Shoot them to destroy adjacent Bricks, but don't try to store them in your ship...BOOM!

Wall Bricks

Nearly indestructible! Try to detonate Blast Bricks near them or you won't stand a cat's chance in hell.

Wicked Bricks

The most vicious Bricks of Brickverse. These Bricks are so evil, that they mastered the art of horizontal movement.

Mug Bricks

When stored in the ship, these Bricks will vastly enhance Rescue-Cats perception. "...then time will be just a word with no meaning" - King Cat