Hi, we are CrazyBunch!

CrazyBunch is a production and development company for video games and interactive media based in Hamburg, Germany. 


At CrazyBunch we love making games which we enjoy playing ourselves. 

Meet the Bunch

Our team is a creative bunch of developers, game designers, and artists that have been working together successfully on many games for many years. We’re also fun to be around.

Heiner as a banana, with a wand that sparks a right triangle

CEO, Research & Development

Kevin as a banana, angrily stomping a keyboard

CEO, Technical Director

Malte as a banana, holding a controller

CEO, Creative Director

Alice as a banana, flying on a pencil

Art Director

Caro as a banana, conjuring a cube

Head of 3D Art

Jo as a banana, holding a pencil

2D Art & Animation

Kerstin as a banana, drinking tea

2D Art & Animation

Alara as a banana, drinking tea

2D Art & Animation

Svenja as a banana, drinking tea

Game Design & Writing

Always bring a banana to a party!

Get in touch

For general enquiries, send us an email to team@crazybunch.biz.

If you are press, feel free to check out our press page or drop us an email at press@crazybunch.biz.