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About CrazyBunch

CrazyBunch is a production and development company for video games and interactive media from Hamburg, Germany. 


The CrazyBunch team consists of experienced game developers that have been working together successfully on many games for many years. 

Their goal is to make CrazyBunch stand for outstanding user experiences, high quality design and excellent entertainment value.


The Company was founded in September 2014 by Alexander Kraus (CEO at the time but has left the company since), Kevin Niederelz (CTO), Heiner Schmidt (CSO) and Malte Schmidt (CFO).  

In 2017, Alexander Kraus left CrazyBunch to pursue new challenges and Malte Schmidt took over as the new CEO.


CrazyBunch has been developing video games for Virtual Reality since 2014 and has already released three titles "Break A Brick" (2015), "Relaxing VR Games: Mahjong" (2016) and "KryptCrawler" (2017).

All games have been released on Samsung Gear VR.

Relaxing VR Games: Mahjong and KryptCrawler are also available on Oculus Rift.


CrazyBunch also codevelops games with other companies. In 2015 they helped Deadalic Entertainment add the finishing touches to their game "Anna's Quest". Most recently, CrazyBunch has worked on the iOS version of "Ken Follet's The Pillars of the Earth", also for Deadalic Entertainment.

Our history

Before CrazyBunch

Alex and Kevin got to know each other at Daedalic Entertainment during the development of the point and click adventure game "Deponia" in 2011. Back then, Kevin was an intern and soon he and Alex became friends. One year later, Heiner joined Daedalic Entertainment as an intern and he and Kevin worked together on "The Night of The Rabbit".


During that time Kevin and Heiner started sharing an apartment and thinking about a game development studio named CrazyBunch. They thought about creating a virtual reality game for which Malte was to compose a soundtrack. Shortly after "The Night of the Rabbit" was finished, Alex and Heiner worked together on "Goodbye Deponia". That's when Alex first heard about the plans for CrazyBunch. At that time he thought the idea was ridiculous. The rest is history.


Alex, Heiner and Kevin started meeting once a week at the end of 2013 in Heiner's and Kevin's apartment. Malte always joined them via skype and they made plans and discussed ideas for CrazyBunch.


At the end of 2014 they finally quit their jobs and founded CrazyBunch. In September of the same year CrazyBunch developed the mobile game "Split's Great Journey" for their first customer Minor. At the end of the year, CrazyBunch moved out of Kevin and Heiner's apartment and began sharing an office space with the VR-Nerds. Together they started aggregating interest for Virtual Reality within the German industry and to establish themselves on the upcoming VR market.


CrazyBunch kicked off 2015 helping their former colleagues from Daedalic Entertainment add the finishing touches to the game "Anna's Quest".

Later that year they released their first virtual reality game "Break A Brick" as one of the very first games to be released on the Samsung Gear VR.

In the meantime, CrazyBunch had also been busy aquiring more contract work from other game developers.

They teamed up with Pop Rocket to create the trade show racing game "Endless Power Race Speed Brakers" for the Continental subsidiary ATE and created a port of Daedalic Entertainment's classic "A new Beginning" for iOS.


In 2016 Malte gave a talk about mobile Virtual Reality at the first German Dev Days conference in Frankfurt. CrazyBunch used the opportunity of being at the conference to pitch new ideas for Virtual Reality games to German publishers. 

Daedalic Entertainment agreed to publish a VR version of Mahjong Solitaire which was released later in the same year as "Relaxing VR Games: Mahjong" on Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift.

"Relaxing VR Games: Mahjong" was nominated for the German Developer Innovation Prize (German: Deutscher Entwicklerpreis) as "Best VR/AR Experience" in 2016.

CrazyBunch also managed to get the German publisher Head Up Games interested in a prototype for a VR dungeon crawling game. The game was announced at Gamescom 2016 and released as "KryptCrawler" for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift in the summer of 2017.

KryptCrawler was nominated for the first Hamburg Next Reality Contest as "Best Interactive Entertainment" in November 2017.


In early 2017 Alexander Kraus left the company to pursue new challenges and Malte Schmidt took over as the new CEO.

Latest History

Since the release of KrypCrawler CrazyBunch has been busy working on a new unnanounced project. CrazyBunch also continues their work as a contractor. Most recently they created an iOS version of "Ken Folett's The Pillars of the Earth" for Deadalic Entertainment which was released in early 2018.  


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